Blooming flowers

There is a good reason as to why winter is referred to as the quietest season. Well, it is at this time when everything living thing seems to hibernate to escape the gloomy weather. However, your yard or garden can stand out and be a beacon of hope in the midst of all gloom.

The following are some of the flowers that will adorn your yard with bright and sightly colors to keep your spirits up until next spring.  So, enjoy the garden tips & advice.

Winter aconite

winter aconiteThis is a hardy variety that will grow in conditions impossible for other plants. It manages a height of four inches and prefers to be grown among others – it loves company, mostly from its own kind. The Winter Aconite produces flowers that are an attractive egg yolk-yellow – they are a sight to behold in the cold.

You can grow Winter Aconites together with others like snowdrops. And their ideal location is at the base of a deciduous tree. The leaf fall that occurs during autumn is a source of much-needed mulch for their thriving.


Even though classified as spring bulb plants, Snowdrops easily persevere the extreme weather conditions to make your garden radiant through it all. However, the hardy plant abhors warm climates and so may be forced to pass on it if your area enjoys some considerable amount of warmth during the winter months – Florida is a classic example.

Snowdrops are browsing-free, and no deer, rabbit or chipmunk will touch it. They love moist and well-drained soil ideally under a large tree – they don’t like sun basking. By late spring, the plant grows dormant and completely rest during the summer. You can plant other summer plants like ferns next to them to avoid an accidental digging up of the Snowdrop bulbs.

Lenten rose

lenten roseThe Lenten rose is another perfect winter-blooming variety that will breathe life into your compound. These perennials will take up to Zone 5 cold. However, the hardy type, Helleborus niger will survive the intense Zone 3 winter and still show its rainbow colors.

The Lenten rose can be grown together with other plants like the fern. However, you need to be careful when handling them as they are toxic – they may produce rashes on the skin that comes into contact with them. Wear some gloves when dealing with them.

These plants are not hard to deal with and will develop into an attractive carpet during spring. They are also resistant to drought.

Winter is also a great time to focus on your indoor gardening.